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Shipments and returns

The orders are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Client during the check-out process.
murano.nu has the right to split the delivery of the order in multiple sub-deliveries according to the availability of the products.

Shipping costs (except at the companies) :
Shipping costs, according to the weight, are 7,5 to 15 euros for Europe even if you order more than one product and free delivery from 95 euros, 5 to 9 euros for France and free delivery from 39 euros, 15 to 29 euros outside Europe and free delivery from 145 euros. If your order contains more then one item, and one of the items is not in stock, then Hashènka will ship them separately as soon as they become available at no additional cost. But the jewels not in stock cannot be ordered. Await the availability in stock to order. It is customer's responsibility to pay for applicable local customs fees, also in case of returned items.
The parcel will be presented to the Client, or to any person present at the delivery address and having a proxy. If nobody is present at the delivery address at the moment of delivery, then a note will be left in the mail box, indicating the coordinates of the transport company. The Client will then need to take contact with the transport company to see where and when he/she can pick-up his/her parcel.
murano.nu will take care of the fact that the order is handled as fast as possible. The delivery lead time of 7 days, to be counted from the end day of the sale is an average lead time and is mentioned as a pure indication. murano.nu can not be held accountable for any delay in the deliveries.

In case the order is delivered in more than one sub-delivery, murano.nu commits to deliver the last sub-delivery within 30 days after the order has been confirmed.

The digital signature, requested by the transport company at the moment of delivery, serves as prove for the fact that the parcel has been delivered by the transport company and received by the Client. In case the Client can prove that the parcel has not been delivered within 30 days after the order was placed, then the Client can cancel the order without any financial sanction, subject to the Client informing murano.nu by registered mail to the address indicated in Article 3 of the underlying Terms and Conditions of use about his cancellation. In case that the bank account of the Client was already debited, murano.nu will reimburse the Client within 30 days after reception of the cancellation letter.
If a product has not been delivered to the delivery address within 30 days after the order was placed, it is the duty of the Client to take contact with murano.nu within 7 working days after the delivery of the order by clicking on « Contact » on the website of murano.nu. After these 7 working days, the claim will not be receivable any more.
The right the for the Client to return an order that is delivered after 30 days is subordinated to the effective return of the product within 3 working days after the sending of the notification of return mentioned above.

The product that is returned needs to be in perfect condition, in the original packaging, not worn, not used, not damaged, no stained or marked and needs to come with the invoice and the return document duly filled in. A return for which the sender can not be identified will not be accepted. After 3 days, murano.nu will not accept the return any more and will send it back to the sender.
Each return needs to be sent to the address specified in Article 3 above.
The reimbursement of the order is done within 30 days following the reception of the returned products in the warehouse of murano.nu, subject to all procedures and conditions for a valid return are met. The reimbursed amount is in any case limited to the amount effectively paid by the Client.
The shipment costs for the return will be reimbursed to the Client by murano.nu under the prove of the return sending costs need to be included in the return shipment. If this is not the case, murano.nu can not reimburse the return shipment costs.
All returns need to be sent by registered mail, or via a transport company that can submit a prove of reception. The Client needs to keep a copy of this prove.
murano.nu preserves the right to refuse a reimbursement for returned products if they appear to be damaged.
In case a product gets lost during the delivery process, murano.nu will do a new delivery, or reimburse the Client.




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