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Set Fazzoletto 4 pièces en verre de Murano 1469

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  • Vase Fazzoletto tons 1469 modèle petit
  • Fazzoletto 4 Piece Murano Glass Decoration Set
  • Set de decoration ton orange Fazzoletto 4 pièces en verre de Murano
  • Pied de lampe col de cygne Fazzoletto tons 1469
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  • Coupe ondulée Fazzoletto tons 1469
  • Set de decoration tons vert orange Fazzoletto 2 pièces en verre de Murano

Hashenka, 5 stores Honfleur, La Rochelle, Vannes, Tours, Gent (Belgium) . The best and largest selection of Murano Glass jewelry on the French web. Distributes also the brand Antica Murrina and a large quantity of objects ans venetian masks in papier mache et wood pulp.